Clear Aligners/Bracket Braces


suresmileSure Smile is the clear, simple way to straighten your teeth without using traditional metal braces. These invisible braces allow you to show off your outstanding smile all throughout your treatment!

Don't compromise. SureSmile aligners are custom-made, removable and clear, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. You can still eat and drink whatever you want, and you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

How clear aligners are made

  • We will take impressions, photos and X-rays of your teeth and these records will help us develop your personalized SureSmile treatment plan, right here, in-house.
  • Our dentists use the records to create 3-D models of your teeth and customize your clear aligner treatment plan.
  • You and your dentist can preview your projected treatment and results in a computerized “treatment set-up”.
  • After you and your dentist approve your treatment plan, Dental Center of North Iowa will fabricate your custom aligners by digitally mapping and molding the aligners using computer precision.
  • We will then ask you to visit us once more for delivery of your custom aligners. If you are interested in SureSmile, please contact us for a courtesy consultation appointment.

Orthodontic Braces

clearYour smile is more than just an expression, it’s an expression of health. Orthodontics, such as clear aligners can give you the straight teeth and proper bite that will help you smile more often and maintain your oral health. Here, at the Dental Center of North Iowa, we've expanded our orthodontic treatment from not only the clear aligners and described above, but now offer bracket-braces for kids, teens and adults.

We provide several hassle-free payment plans and flexible financing options to make orthodontics more accessible to you and your family. At the Dental Center of North Iowa, we understand your need to feel confident in your choice of treatment plan, as well as your choice in an orthodontic care, which is why we are happy to offer you a courtesy consult now through the end of 2019; no strings attached. Call today!

Dental Center of North Iowa

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